Friday, March 19, 2010

More On Introductions by Max Garcia

Ok, now you have gotten the attention of your audience and they are ready to follow you and the next inspirational speakers off the face of the earth. You have to keep them engaged now. I personally like to play a killer video or tell them a power story with out first even saying my name greeting everyone or anything. Then after I get their hearts and minds with my gain attention I say something along the lines of "Good afternoon, My name is Max Garcia and your next period of instruction will be on... or if I am giving a motivational speech I might say hello, my name is Max Garcia today we are going to talk about..... then comes the purpose

The purpose of this period of instruction is to help you become a more effective business speaker (or what ever it is for you)....
Now the business speaker is ready to talk about the learning objectives, how you are going to teach your class, a basic overview, testing information, safety requirements along with anything else needed to get them engaged. It might sound like this for inspirational speakers:
(After gaining attention) Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, my name is Max Garcia today we are going to talk about improving every aspect of your lives. The purpose of this class is to give you the tools to get what ever you want. During this you will learn powerful ways to overcome fear, tactics for speaking ect. Now, let's talk about our learning objectives...(This is obviously where the business speaker should discuss specific learning objectives, the more specific the better).

Next you could mention how your students or audience will be tested. For inspirational speakers they might not be tested on paper however you might mention to them that they are evaluated every day by their families, co workers ect. Depending on the training business speakers may also want to mention any safety guidelines they have.

Again we are getting them used to paying attention to you during all this. Just as the teacher gives the students a chance to warm up their brain with a review before the lesson, business speakers can start getting every ones mind on to the subject with the intro we just talked about. Remember, you don't want to just jump right in to it, you want them to stop thinking about home and start listening to you before you get to the meat and potatoes of your speech or class. Last but not least business speakers should transition to the main topics from the intro (now that you know what you will learn and how much it will affect your life lets talk about...). They should also have a definite conclusion to their presentation. This format is similar to how professional classroom instructors in the Marine Corps give classes. For more information on how to be confident speaking in front of people visit my web site, or inquire about our coaching programs. Until next time, have a blessed day.

How Marines Give a Period of Instruction by Max Garcia

*Gain Attention*

You as a inspirational speakers or as a business speaker must first gain the attention and rapport of your audience. This is 2010, most people have so much on their minds. Everything from learning how to operate their new cell phone to downloading and installing that new software on to their PC and making their meeting on time with traffic along with a million other things zooming through their minds. Not to mention the economy and they are listening to business speakers for guidance on improving their lives. Not like the old days of hanging with the neighbor and the occasional call to relatives via land line.

There are many things you can do to gain attention. You can play a video, tell a heart capturing story, tell a joke, read something, sing a song, the list goes on as the possibilities are unlimited. I highly suggest making your gain attention relate to what you are going to talk about. Inspirational speakers or even a business speaker trying to motivate people to make money might tell a story about the poor childhood of an underdog who struck it rich. Business speakers ect should also make every effort to do what Marine Corps instructors call "what's in it for me" somewhere during the intro section of your speech. Something should be included in your gain attention or other parts of your intro that gives a listener a reason to want to pay attention to you. For example a business speaker could say something like "with the information you will learn today you will now be able to increase your sales ultimately making more money for you and your family". People hear more money obviously they are listening now.

Often when Marines give safety education they will first play a video of someone getting badly hurt because they didn't follow the safety rules. Inspirational speakers love telling their life story first so that the audience knows they are real people with real challenges, ultimately making the listener feel like, "if they can do it I can do it". More on introductions for business speakers ect to come soon. Have a blessed day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How To Give a Period of Instruction by Max Garcia

I was recently sitting in a class given by a co worker and realized that there are many business speakers that simply do not know how to teach a class. What was puzzling was that the business speaker was teaching such a basic class but was horrible at it. What was even more shocking was the fact that he had been with the company for several years. People looked up to him and asked for his expertise on a daily basis. Yet his presence in front of only a few peers was embarrassing. At that moment I realized even many of the most seasoned business speakers just get up and start talking with no format or formalities what so ever. With out first gaining rapport with the crowd even the best inspirational speakers would not be effective.

One thing I have learned from inspirational speakers and as a Marine is that you have to warm up to your crowd in a professional manner. If you are a business speaker and your intro is simply a greeting and then you roll right in to your material you will lose people. You have to give time for people to stop day dreaming and start paying attention to your class. In the Marine Corps we use a format that I will teach you over these next few posts. Anyone can apply this great system. It will work for all you inspirational speakers as well. I even hold regular classes with the leadership in my company just to ensure they use this format because it screams professionalism.

These days companies want business speakers who can communicate effectively. The days of a business speaker hiding behind a podium sounding like a mouse are over in this economy. See you on the next post!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Loyalty and Enthusiasm by Max Garcia

Throughout this lesson on leadership characteristics you have learned many things about improving your motivational leadership style. If you are a leadership speaker now you have plenty more things to talk about during your upcoming speaking engagements. For our last two Marine leadership characteristics or "traits" we will discuss.......

Loyalty and Enthusiasm.

Loyalty can also have many meanings. As a leader you want to be loyal to those who work for you. Take care of them every chance you get while at the same time being firm but fair and they will take care of you. Make it a point to know who they are, where they are from, what direction they are headed in life, how their family is doind ect. That is motivational leadership. Doing so will also develop a sense of loyalty in them for you and maybe even the institution depending on the circumstances. A good leadership speaker can definitely help with building loyalty to the institution, company or business. If you believe in the company and display that to them that will also greatly help.

Enthusiasm is pretty obvious leadership characteristic and it is kind of like endurance. If you drag your but and are not happy to be there your people will feed off of you and act the same way. If you are up beat they will be more up beat. If you are a complainer then expect them to complain and work slow. Sick days will also increase. Everyone has days where they don't feel like being at work. If you normally come from an enthusiastic motivational leadership style then they will know you are having an off beat day and may even have concern for you. When I need a boost I listen to my favorite leadership speaker Marshall Sylver on you tube. Make it a point to enrich the lives of everyone you come in contact with. Give them a genuine smile even if it is only to pay for your dry cleaning. Do this and good energy and good things will flow your way.

For more ways to improve your motivational leadership be sure to visit my web site at

Until next time enjoy applying some of the Marine Corps leadership characteristics to your daily routine.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unselfishness, Courage and Knowledge by Max Garcia

OK, we are almost done this long lesson on the Marine Corps leadership characteristics or as we call them traits. By the time we are done you will be better prepared to lead in any capacity. This will also help you to develop more of a motivational leadership style. You will also be able to identify the good and bad in leadership speakers and bosses.

Unselfishness- This one seems simple but it is surprising how many leaders only care about themselves. Now of course we should care about the company, the institution, the production, our personal progression ect. BUT you must care about the welfare of your subordinates. If you don't show any compassion for their personal lives then they will give you the bare minimum. In the Marines the most junior guy eats first and the most senior Marine eats last. If there is a shortage of food the staff and officers will go with out. Troop welfare is something we practice on a regular basis with our hearts. Too many people think about what is good for themselves and nothing else. Remember to give your people a pat on the back, a break, a jacket if it's cold, the list goes on. They will completely have no respect for you if you don't do for them but always do for yourself. Of course they will die for you if you are of a motivational leadership style always staying firm but fair.

Courage- Most leaders lack in this dept of leadership characteristics. There are two kinds of courage. There is the type where a Marine, fire fighter or a police officer puts him self in danger for the benefit of others. More often though there is moral courage. The type to tell someone face to face they are wrong. The courage to stand up to your boss for the sake of those who work below you. The courage to correct one of your employees for wearing the wrong uniform or showing up late. The list goes on you get the point. Unfortunately most people set the rules but don't enforce them. I love hearing a leadership speaker preach about this. If you are a leadership speaker, talking about this will get heads rolling as managers will want to step it up.

Knowledge- Short and sweet, if you don't know your job how can you lead people in that field. If you don't know what you are doing then you need to have the courage to ask someone for help (even if they are junior to you). Focusing on leadership characteristics like this will make you more promotable and respectable. This is how you become the go to guy or gal. Reading technical manuals or standard operating procedures will help you gain knowledge ultimately improving your proficiency.

These should be enough to digest for a couple days as you incorporate them in to your motivational leadership. Good luck.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Integrity, Endurance and Bearing by Max Garcia

The next three leadership characteristics we will discuss are "integrity, endurance and bearing".

Integrity is a tough one but obvious. Some will simply say integrity is telling the truth. When it comes to motivational leadership I say it can be and is much more. Depending on what you are doing integrity can simply mean do you practice what you preach as a leadership speaker or boss. Subordinates love to talk trash about a manager that says do as I say not as I do because they require one thing but do the opposite like they are above the rules. For others, do you believe in the product you sell and swear by to make money? Do you even own it yourself. The list goes on.

Endurance is powerful one for motivational leadership if you use it to your advantage. Here's the thing, if it is a busy day, tough week, bad day ect and you are dragging your feet because you are tired as a boss you will lose. Your people will not respect you if you drag your but. How could you possibly expect them to work hard, fast and efficiently if you are a slug. The opposite is true if you are the opposite. That is why a good leadership speaker will be on fire with energy during his or her speech. People sub consciously feed off of each other. This leadership characteristic is very important for those in the military where physical fitness is also weighed heavily.

Bearing is our last but not so obvious rarely talked about of the leadership characteristics. As a leader you have to keep your cool no matter what kind of stress presents it self. You must use tact when dealing with those senior to you no matter how you personally feel. A person trying to practice motivational leadership can not take out his or her personal problems on the subordinates. A great leadership speaker once told me that nothing is ever good or bad. It just is. When you think that way it will be easier for you to control your bearing during times of challenge.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Leadership With The Marines part 2 by Max Garcia

Now, on to the next set of leadership characteristics. If you are a leadership speaker or anyone speaking at a seminar these 14 leadership characteristics or "traits" as the Marines call them will make great back drops for people to look at before and after you speak. Just exposing your lower level management and your hard charging employees to this material will breed motivational leadership where ever you work. The more people the better.

4) INITIATIVE - This one is pretty straight forward. If it needs to be done don't wait to be told, manager or employee.

5) may want to ask your leadership speaker to talk for a minute about this one. There is nothing more annoying than to tell your lower level managers to get something done only to be driving home wondering if they got it done. I like it when I have a manager I can depend on to the point where I do what I call "fire and forget". Like a missile that locks itself on to a target. You just hit the fire button and the machine does the rest. It is a great feeling when you tell someone to get something done and you just know you can consider it done. When I get the opposite kind of person I go from motivational leadership to authoritative style. In short, if I have to chase someone down and tell them to do something twice they are not getting the nice guy. If they show up late more than once in a long period of time, talk back, or wear a uniform that does not represent well, forget it, they will feel some heat and my motivational leadership style is out the window. I don't appreciate having to execute things on my "to do" list twice.

6) Our last of the leadership characteristics for today is Tact. Tact is also self explanatory but it's wide variety of meanings can make great guided discussions to get the audience to open up to a leadership speaker. Some people view tact as the leader having some respect when he talks to the subordinate. Others view this as the opposite, others think it means peers showing respect for each other. I personally think the most important meaning is that you can tell your boss what is on your mind, you can even tell him he is wrong. You just have to use tact or you will be the one who loses.

More to follow.....